Health News

Dear Patients,

Five-Town Health Alliance has developed both short and long-term programs to address the significant challenge of food insecurity in our communities. Currently, one in four Vermonters are unable to afford or access enough food and as one of our patients, you are invited to participate or help.

If you are a patient of Mountain Health Center or Red Clover Family Dentistry struggling to afford or access food, we can help. Please call our health center at (802) 453-5028 and make an appointment with your doctor or nurse practitioner. During your visit we can address which resources might be best for you, and we have assistance for immediate needs as well!

If you are a patient not experiencing food insecurity, please let us know if you would be interested in helping fund this or other resource programs. Our ongoing mission is to help those under or uninsured so that all our patients can receive the medical or dental care they need. We hope to continue to reach out further into our communities to provide vital health, dental, mental health, and social services to all.


Five-Town-Health Alliance Clinicians and Staff